Homeschool Special Needs

I want to thank Deven at The Professional Home Educator for gathering these many resources.

We were thrilled to have discussed resources and tips for homeschooling special needs children.  Elise Beard Kilgore with Elise Kilgore Tutorials will speak to homeschooling children with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Also joining us will be a couple of special needs parents to give you advice from the front lines of the living room!

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Facebook Support Groups

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Empowering the Special Needs Homeschool Mom

Moms can join this group for support, ideas, questions and suggestions for other Moms!! Welcome.


The Good and The Beautiful Special Needs Community

This group exists to support, encourage and inspire families who are blessed by the miracle of children who have special needs, AND who are using The Good and The Beautiful curriculum to homeschool them!


Homeschooling Dyslexic Kids

This group is a support group for homeschool families where we can be free to speak our hearts and mind on the subject of dyslexia and our children.

Special Needs

Special Needs Homeschooling

This group is for people homeschooling their special needs child or seriously thinking about it.
This group is an extension of the blogs, Special Needs Homeschooling & Our Crazy Adventure in Autism Land
Neuro divergent

Unschooling Every Family: Embracing Neurodivergent and Disabled Learners

We have found that NON-COERCIVE and RELATIONSHIP-BASED approaches work MUCH better for our kids than most mainstream methods of education and therapy.