The most popular school of thought on preschool is to keep it  primarily play based. Songs, arts and crafts, outside play, pretend play, the library, and field trips, with very little sit down work. Many families purchase no curriculum for preschool, and use dollar store books and free printable websites to practice dexterity and “do school” a little throughout the day.


For those that would like to have a curriculum to follow below we list several of the suggestions given by Alabama homeschool families.

Free Printables

 3 Dinosaurs

Royal Baloo

Homeschool Share

This Reading Mama

Walking by the Way

Homeschool Preschool for FREE (submitted by homeschool mom Kristin Smith)
Leap Frog: Letter Factory is highly recommended for teaching letters. This is now NETFLIX streaming, or can be purchased on Amazon.


 The following chart is helpful for you to gauge how much time during the day you should be spending doing school work. You should not be doing 6 – 8 hours of school at home. *The Illinois State Board of Education released “remote learning recommendations”