How to unschool your child:

"If you know you only had a year more with that child, what would you expose him to? Where would you go? What would you eat? What would you watch? What would you do? If you had only ONE year - and then it was all over, what would you do?

Four seasons. Twelve months. 365 day.

Do that THIS year. And the next. That's how unschooling works. By living life as if it were an adventure. As if you only had a limited amount of time with that child. Because that's the way it IS."

- Kelly Dunlap Lovejoy


Unschooling is one of the more out-of-the-box ways to homeschooling. Many believe that homeschooling means no schooling, and this isn’t the case. To help get you started check out resources gathered on our SAH Unschooling board!