Get Legal

There are 3 ways to be a legal homeschooler in AL. All are easy, all require reporting! Find those options HERE and choose yours!

Choose a Curriculum

Curriculum can cost anywhere from FREE into the hundreds. A great place to start is finding your child's learning style and go from there!


Be sure to pace yourself. With so many great co ops, groups, and activities to choose you can be overwhelmed with options.

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SAH homeschoolers ROCKS!

We have kicked off the last 5 Years at Dreamland Skate Center with a NOT Back to School Party on the first day of public school. Through the year we celebrate holidays, spirit week, geography fairs, and MORE!

Enjoy the FREEDOM!

One of the hardest things to wrap your head around is the FREEDOM that comes with homeschooling. The freedom to follow rabbit holes of information, teach to how your children learn, and to tailor your day to what works for your family! Remember "we arent doing school at home, we're trying to do homeschool." ~Steve Lambert; Five in a Row

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