Welcome to Homeschooling! What an exciting place to be!

The Elementary years have always been my favorite! It’s full of excitement & discovery! There are roughly 3 stages in this age group: the early years, preschool & kindergarten years, and the elementary years. What you want is a gentle progression. In the early years, your main focus is encouraging joy in everyday learning. You are developing a routine & learning your child. This is a great time to read all the wonderful homeschool books & build your own personal tribe. Find a mentor. Find friends. Notice, I did not say buy curriculum. Wait. See what’s out there. Instead, establish a morning basket to start your day. Lots of great books, lots of talking about the world around you, lots of cuddles. Add in lots of creative play which includes blocks, playdoh, moon sand, arts & crafts and nature study. As they become bored with an activity switch it out. Little minds love to learn!

As time goes on and your child grows into a preschooler, you can begin to introduce more learning gently. Number sense, letters & sounds. Around kindergarten, you can introduce curriculum for phonics & math. Continue creative play. Upgrade it as they grow. It’s about time to add in games. Once your child has completed phonics & is reading well. Then you can begin to add in science & history on a regular bases. So much fun! You can do it!

By: Deven Vasko; homeschool mom for 15 yrs; Mobile County, AL