As of 2014 homeschoolers are no longer required to obtain a church (cover) school to homeschool in the state of Alabama. If you choose to go this route you simply need to file the form linked below with your local Board of Education every year declaring yourself a private school. Hardly any information is required, but it is required BY LAW to report, it's not optional.

The ALSDE website might have a different interpretation, and so might your local BOE representatives. These entities are also known to say such things as "homeschool kids can't go to college" and "you must have an accredited curriculum", neither of which are true. The public school system is not the best source of information on homeschool law.

The Private School enrollment form we are providing below is the one created by the ALSDE. If you choose to fill out this form you are the 'non public school official' and your title is either teacher or principal. The second page for attendance isn't to be turned in, but is to be kept in your records.

Other records to keep if you go this route is attendance and proof of immunization (or exemption). These are not subject to be turned in, and only need to be kept in your records.